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Fotex Limited Overview

Flotex is able to `hide’ soiling to a greater or lesser degree depending on its colour and design. Using objective testing methods, we have graded every one of the Flotex designs on their ability to hide `general’ dirt. The result of these tests is a soiling classifcation which is shown alongside each product reference number. Through its construction Flotex is protected against mold and odor’s whilst keeping up its appearance, as the floor restores to mint condition after every cleaning action. Flotex Principles of Education is a 4-part collection of complementary styles, designed for the education market segment and beyond. Ensure the Future, Empower the Mind, Encourage the Heart, Explore the World.


Each of them comes in four separate parts that can be freely arranged to create patterns for your project that adapts to your needs and preferences. The Flotex Colour collection features 4 designs which together form a rhapsody of colour across a broad spectrum, well suited for healthcare, senior care, and education environments. All designs are available in both sheet and tile and some items in plank format as well. Flotex offers a warm, comfortable, hygienic floor covering that is suitable for any commercial specification. As of 2006, the chain consists of 76 stores located all over Denmark, with føtex in Ringsted as the newest store, opened October 18, 2006. Envelopes By printing custom envelopes with your logo, photo or tagline, you’re making a positive impression every time you interact with a customer by mail.


Put your contact information on your customers’ refrigerators, dry-erase boards or filing cabinets where they’re sure to find it. Magnets are fun and versatile, so customers enthusiastically accept advertising magnets as gifts. Sell Sheets You only have a few seconds to get your potential buyer interested in your product or service with your sales sheet. https://www.tdameritrade.com/investment-products/forex-trading.html will help you print beautiful crisp and clear full-color sales sheets to make those seconds count. Flyer Printing Online Would you like to deliver a powerful message fast? Highlight important details and create visibility based on your budget and how much information you want to deliver. Brochures & FlyersBrochure Printing Online Make your custom brochure speak for you.


The core principles of education from K-12 to higher learning and throughout life. Warm and cool neutral tones, rich jewel tones and bright primaries https://www.tradingview.com/u/DotBig/ come together to create a well rounded palette providing a broad spectrum of combinations and possibilities through design and color.

Flotex Linear Tile

Flotex makes use of waste streams of other Forbo production locations to be transformed into the backing of the products. Recycled content in Flotex is up to 67% of the backing Forex content. The real advantage for using Flotex is the extreme performance of the product, with a product life time that surpasses that of ordinary textiles by a factor 6.

  • Flyer Printing Online Would you like to deliver a powerful message fast?
  • Highlight important details and create visibility based on your budget and how much information you want to deliver.
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  • The Sottsass designs present unique organic forms and irregular, apparently random patterns.
  • Reporting & Analytics Web analytics are designed to monitor, measure and analyze your website activity.

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