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Top Skills Employers Look For In 2022

We can hook you up with awesome job opportunities and career advice to make it simpler to land your first job out of college. According to the survey, 65.9% of managers are looking for new grads that can roll with the punches and land on their feet. If you’re resistant to change or learning new things, you’ll have a hard time convincing companies that you’re worth the effort to train. The www.youtube.com/watch?v=59lgIuy8_Ac&ab_channel=UssExpressDeliveryllc pandemic of 2020 taught employees to be ready for just about anything—including a sudden shift from working in an office to working from home. Let it be known that you’re not intimidated by change and can adjust accordingly. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Job Outlook 2021 survey, there are a handful of specific skills employers look for in new grads.

top skills employers look for

Flexibility and adaptability are skills that extend beyond the workplace. It is thus no surprise that most of the employers find this attribute one of the most important in prospective hire. Change uss express review management is thus a key subject in most of the MBAs these days. Understanding change and then quickly reacting and adapting to the same gives you an edge over your competition for sure.

Refining Hard And Soft Skills Can Help Take Your Career To The Next Level

Soft skills are personal skills or creative abilities that can come naturally or be strengthened over time. Some examples of soft skills are adaptability, self-motivation, people skills, time management, and the ability to work under pressure.

  • Don’t make a New Year’s resolution-type goal of “learning HTML.” Instead, make your goals specific, measurable, and actionable.
  • The new normal includes a lot more remote work, and that means that soft skills are more important than ever, with some rising to the top of recruiters’ wish lists in 2021.
  • Forbes reports that emotional intelligence ranks high on employers’ wish list.
  • Don’t contribute to office gossip or banter around too much with your co-workers.

Talking with a person once will only provide leads available at that point in time. But by establishing an ongoing relationship, you may learn of other opportunities as they arise. This is the soft skill that makes all the hard skills possible. It’s what keeps you interested in the world, in the work.

Emphasize These Skills And Qualities In Your Cover Letter And Interview

Make sure that you use a standard resume format so that the ATS could easily read the resume. You should also include keywords that are relevant to the position. Since businesses today need to be flexible, they need flexible employees to help them succeed. If you are eager to learn, quick to adapt, and dedicated to https://www.stgusa.com/ personal growth, you have that flexibility. If you are also eager to share what you have learned, there’s an employer looking for your services. This is more important than ever in newly remote work environments. Display this skill by not lying on your resume and being upfront about your skills and experience.

top skills employers look for

It’s also a good place to add keywords you’ve identified. See later sections for tips on how to showcase soft and hard skills on your resume.